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Plater Claiborne Architecture + Design is committed to protecting your privacy and this website does not use cookies or any coding or scripts to collect your personal data or information from you.  

You do not need to provide any personal information when you browse this site and we will only collect your personal information if you contact us by letter, email or telephone. This data will be used to process your enquiry.

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

- To maintain contact and communication with you during the course of ---a potential, ongoing or new project;

- To maintain our own records and accounts;

- To inform you of news, events or activities; or

- To purchase goods, materials and services from you.

If we intend to use or disclose your personal information for a purpose other than those above, we will seek your express consent.

We never:

- Ask for more information than required to fulfil your request or store ----your information for longer than necessary.

- Pass on, disclose or sell your personal data to a third party unless you ----have given your express permission to do so.

- Use your email address to send unsolicited mail – any emails we send ----will be in connection with the provision of agreed services.

- Please note we reserve the right to co-operate with appropriate ----authorities if legally required to do so and have no legal liability for ----such disclosures.

Keeping your information up-to-date and accurate is important to us. We commit to regularly review and correct, where necessary, the date we hold about you. If any of your information changes, or you wish to remove your details from our records please email, write or call using the contact information and the bottom of this notice.

A full copy of our Privacy Statement can be found here.